About Us

Why Choose Us

We have heard people say, "all funeral homes are the same".  We respectfully disagree.  Magnolia Funeral Home has, since its beginning, gone the extra mile to offer support and help to our families and it's this style that immediately sets us apart from other funeral homes. Our signature services are designed to provide you with the most caring and meaningful services possible. At Magnolia Funeral Home, our goal is to always go beyond what is expected.

Family Follow-up Service

Just because the funeral service is over doesn't mean our service to you is through. Over the next few months you can expect to receive personalized cards from the staff letting you know we are praying for and thinking of you.

Tribute Videos

Your family photographs are skillfully blended with wonderful graphic images and music, to create an elegantly emotive cinematic video. It can be an integral part of any funeral or memorial service. After the ceremony, the video is sure to become a treasured family keepsake. And, we can make copies as gifts for family and friends.

Memorial Website

Our website offers your family the ability to have a permanent online memorial to your loved one, post a life's story, photos and service information through our social media–enhanced memorials. You may also opt to allow other family and friends to post photos of their own for all to share.

Video Taping Service

Life situations can make it difficult for everyone who wants to attend the services to do so. We offer videotaping of the funeral service so those that are not in attendance can still have a chance to say good bye or for you as a family to have a cherished keepsake.

Pictures of Floral Tributes

We will digitally photograph each flower tribute. We will give you the pictures to place in the guest book as a permanent record and to help you send your thank you cards after the service.

Notary Services

We offer no-cost notary service to those families who are in needof this assistance. It's just one more way we can ease the difficult time after the death of a loved one.

Floral Delivery

Following the services, we will deliver the floral arrangements to your homes, any churches, nursing homes, or other facilities you would like them donated to.

Candlelight Service of Remembrance

Finally, at the end of each year before what can be a difficult holiday season, we host a gathering for all the families we have served to receive a message of hope and honor those who have been lost. This service includes words of comfort and hope, special music, and a candle lighting ceremony. During the reading of the names, each family receives a candle of remembrance.

Ordering Flowers

We make it easy for friends and family to send flowers to your home or service to honor your loved one. We have partnered with local florists to offer the convenience of ordering directly from the obituary page of our website. You can also use this feature to select the flowers you would like at the service. This is a secure way to choose beautiful arrangements from the privacy and comfort of your home.

Daily Grief Steps Emails

We offer one year of free daily grief support emails to the families we serve. It is important to us that we continue to comfort our families through the difficult days that the first year of grieving can bring.

Sharing Service Details

We reduce the stress of contacting those who need the details of the service for your loved one. We post the dates and times of the service as part of the online memorial on our website. You can then either share the memorial on your Facebook or Twitter page or copy the details from the site into an email or text. Both options give you the peace of mind that you have provided the necessary information to those who need it.