Cremation Services

Continuing our tradition of providing superior customer service to local families, Magnolia Funeral Home is proud to announce our new crematory is now in operation at our Magnolia –South Chapel location.  Even though all funeral homes advertise cremation services, most people are surprised to learn that the cremation process itself is subcontracted to third parties. This will not happen when you call us in your time of need. When your loved ones come into our care they remain in our care. Our crematory is for the exclusive use of the families we serve. You can inspect our facility if you wish as we have an open-door policy.  For your family’s peace of mind, you may also witness the cremation process, if desired. Our crematory is operated by carefully trained and certified staff. We strictly adhere to the highest Cremation Code of Ethics. Our state-of-the-art equipment is maintained at the highest possible standards and is environmentally safe.

Our Commitment to You

  • Your loved ones never leave our care —our crematory is located at our South Chapel for your convenience and peace of mind.

  • You can say your final goodbyes in a private, comforting and home-like setting prior to the cremation process.

  • Your loved ones are cared for with respect and dignity by our trained and certified staff.

  • 100% of your loved one’s recoverable remains is assured.

  • You can count on us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to serve your family.

  • You are invited to inspect our facility at any time.

  • You have countless options and flexibility.

  • You can host funerals, celebration of life services, viewings, and memorials at one of our two chapel locations or in our Family Reception Center in our South Chapel location.

  • Our Crematory is offered for the exclusive use of the families we serve.

Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation

Many families find meaning and beauty in a traditional funeral service. With a traditional service combined with cremation, you can still choose to have a final viewing, visitation or wake, and a funeral service. However instead of in-ground burial, the funeral will be followed by cremation.  Depending on your wishes, the cremated remains may be either returned to your family for storage in an urn, scattered, or interred in a columbarium. This option will include fees for the funeral services as well as the fees associated with the cremation itself.

Memorial Service

The memorial service can be held in our chapel, a church, or any other venue the family chooses. We work with our families to design a service that honors their loved one with stories, music, or scripture. We also have life celebrants that lead services where clergy may not be chosen. Our celebrants are trained in creating experiences that help start the healing process.

Graveside Service

A graveside or committal service is typically held immediately following the funeral service but it can also be a small intimate gathering of those closest to you.

Permanent Memorialization

Keeping an Urn at Home

This is a common choice and families can select the perfect urn for their loved one.

Placing the Urn in a Columbarium (aka, a “niche”)

Many families find comfort in having a final resting place that they can visit.

Burying the Urn

Similar to a casket, the in-ground burial of the urn allows for a final resting place.

Scattering the Cremated Remains

Some families find comfort scattering the cremated remains in a place that was special to their loved one.